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    Dear General Manager(Al-Wadi - Sohar, Oman),

    Please be apprised that I had the chance of staying in your hotel AL WADI, SOHAR on four occasions in recent past while working for our client M/s. Composite Pipes.

    It is regretfully informed that out of four times, two times my stay in the hotel has left me with a feeling of unpleasantness and frustration.

    On one of the occasions, myself with my colleague Mr. Rushabh Kapadia reached at about 3 O'Clock in the morning after a hectic travel schedule, just to find that the rooms booked and confrimed for us had been allotted to somebody else by the Front Office Manager, may be to the people of personal preferences. We could not go to any other place at that hour of time. After lot of persuasion, the reception people allotted one room to us. We had given our feedback in writing, however till date no written reply has been given by the hotel management.

    My last visit to your hotel is dated from 02 March-07 March 2012. During this visit, I have felt humiliated by the behaviour of Ms. Bimalka of your hotel. I could never imagine that people in hospitality industry could use the language and tone which Ms. Bimalka used for me. She sounded as if the hotel management is doing some favour to us and we have to accommodate to the lethargy and carelessness of hotel personnel. On 04th of March, when I returned from work, I found that the tumbler/glass which was used by me on the previous evening was not cleaned and was lying where it was left by me. Also, the laundry which I had put in the laundry bag had not been collected by the concerned personnel. Next day also the status was same. On 6th morning I conveyed the same thing to the person at reception Mr. Caeteno (please excuse for any spelling mistakes) and recorded my feedback regarding the lapse. However to my surprise, the laundry had not been collected that day also. Also, the tumbler used by me was again left uncleaned. Please note all this happened after officially recording the feedback. Do you feel that this is an example of the negligence or something else! Immediately I went to the reception to show the uncleaned tumbler. Ms. Bimalka, who was at the reception at that time responded in a highly unacceptable, rude and arrogant behaviour and communicate to me that hotel could not provide FIVE STAR facilities as it was only THREE STAR hotel. She also commented that we could leave the hotel if we were not satisfed by the hotel services. Also, she told very rudely that whenever, we visit the hotel we create some problems. Also, she conveyed that these lapses are due to Omani People who do not do their work (I personally do not agree to her statement as I have felt that the local people of Oman are much more sincere, friendly and simple).

    My queries regarding such incidents are:
    -In past, under what circumstances we were not allotted the rooms against the confirmed bookings?
    -in case we demand cleaned tumblers, are we asking for FIVE STAR facilites?
    -if the hotel guests give legitimate feedback for deficeincy of services, are they creating troubles?
    -in case we ask for the laundry to be picked from the room, are we asking for FIVE STAR facilities?
    -have you trained and groomed your staff not to pay attention to legitimate customer requirements and to make the statements which Ms. Bimalka made?
    -What are the facilities to be provided by a THREE STAR hotel in Oman?

    Waiting for your response on my queries and the information on the actions taken by you to redress my grievances. In case I do not receive any reply to this mail, I shall conclude that all these lapses are allowed by the management of the hotel.

    Best regards,

    Flt Lt Ashwani K Notey (retd.)


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